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Ponds 7 Day Challenge _ day 2

b2ap3_thumbnail_zumba.jpg MY ZUMBA DAY!!!!!!!!


Well since my brother passed away... i failed to complete my 7 day challenge in the 7 days but Taken it up from day 2 and decided that NO MATTER WHAT I FEEL LIKE.... I am not a quitter


day 2 of my challenge was to get my pulse racing and there is NO better way to do that than ZUMBA DANCE DVD'S. i stopped for a while and decided to give it a go


not even 30 mins on a treadmill could compare to 10 minutes with zumba...... i enjoyed it to the max!!!! i know im gonna feel the workout tomorrow morning but it was amazing


dancing is a world of its own... for that moment you forget the norms of your every day. you forget the stress, the struggles, the hurts, the responsibility....

your mind is free... you are free... even in all the action and exercise there is peace


try it ladies!!!!!!!!!


stay beautifully blessed


in loving memory of Justice Dire

the most fun, craziest weirdest dance i ever knew!!!!



stay beautifullly blessed ladies


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