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Platinum Hair Care with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Range

Platinum Hair Care with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Range

I received my package of John Frieda products from Beauty Bulletin, specially chosen for my very damaged blonde hair and couldn't wait to put them to the test! 

From the age of about 16 I started playing around with my hair colour and have changed it almost every year for the last 8 years! From it's natural dark blonde it has gone platinum white, to brown, to auburn, to black, to bright red and back to blonde again! Here are some of the more drastic examples...




So as you can imagine, the years of extreme torture has really taken its toll on my hair, and I have finally decided to stick with blonde and try bring my hair back to life.

In my efforts to get my hair healthy again, I've cut off all the long damaged dead locks, put some of my natural hair colour back underneath and in-between the blonde highlights, and am trying to find the right hair products to strengthen, repair and help get my hair back to it's long healthy state.

To my delight, the John Frieda products selected for me are for doing exactly just that! I usually wash my hair with a silver/blue shampoo to keep the tone from going brassy, then leave a treatment on, wash, blow-dry and straighten. After all that effort, the results aren't bad, but my hair looks clearly damaged and dried out and gets very messy/knotty not too long after.

I took a picture of how the top of my head usually looks, dried out, fried and probably highly flammable! The picture alongside shows how my hair looked after using all 3 John Frieda products (Shampoo, Conditioner and the Treatment) and drying my hair - no straightening, I promise!



My hair is clearly much more smoother, shinier and even the tone looks better! The texture felt so much softer as well, which was a nice change, as it almost always feels like straw.

I'm really impressed with the instant improvement of how my hair looks and feels after just one wash and am looking forward to routinely using all three products with every wash. Here's the final end result:




Thank you Beauty Bulletin for the opportunity, and John Frieda for arranging and sending through these amazing products - I am now a massive fan! Here's to healthy, beautiful hair!


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