Photo Finish Foundation Primer-Light #LustHave

Okee, so I went to Smashies and decided that I want to try their primers. Seeing as I have very sensitive and dry skin, I opted for the "Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Light".

I had done some research, as I did not want to use just any product on my skin, due to it being so sensitive (bleh).

I absolutely loved the soothing effect it had on my skin. My skin felt silky and had a matte finish. I kept the product on for a few hours just to make sure there was no allergic reaction and I am happy to say there was none!


And best of all!!




I LOVE the fact that Smashbox products are animal cruelty free! Therefore, this product is my #lusthave and I absolutely NEED this primer in my LIFE, for longer lasting, photo-ready makeup all day, every day!!