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Pantene ProV Repair & Protect Range DAY 7- 14

Pantene ProV Repair & Protect Range DAY 7- 14

Finally I am seeing RESULTS!

After the first week of use, I did not see any marked difference in the look and feel of my hair, and was hesitant about the products, but then I realised its Pantene, and it HAS  to do what it says it I gave it time and I am very happy with my results.


I have been struggling to post any updates last week as my computer was uploading all my pictures upside down and I really did not want any of you ladies having to break your necks to have a look, so hopefully as I upload now, it shall be smooth sailing.


Day 7

I noticed a slight difference in the feel of my hair. Since my last post, where I had decided to use all 3 products, my hair was not happy at all. I suppose it was too much, so thereafter I had decided to instead, alternate between hair mask and conditioner.

Now let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE the feel and texture of the 2 minute hair mask. It literally feels like liquid silk, and only a little is needed and its just coats the hair so nicely.






Day 10


I love the products! my hair looks and feels nourished and repaired, and it works perfectly for me, needing that 'extra' bit of care and attention. I find that my hair even dries faster, and what's even more great is that I have not experienced any signs of product build-up ( which I normally would with Pantene products) and no scalp irritation (normally due to the perfume content in the products).







Day 14

My hair DO care and I cared FOR my hair and my hair is saying THANK YOU!!!

I have received comments on the shine and the softness. Overall- my hair LOOKS healthy, without me having to proclaim it as such. As you can see below. my hair was left to dry and it looks a thousand times better than before :)



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