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Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Product Review - Day 1

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Product Review - Day 1

So I FINALLY received my Pantene products yesterday and today is all about my hair!!

I may be a little obsessed about my hair today but hey it's review time!! I shampooed, conditioned and masked this morning and so far seems 'OK' ... My hair is soft but feels a little dry/frizzy. I think we need to give this stuff a chance to work its *magic*. 

It really does smell goood! I have read a few reviews that say the same so I was curious to as 'how nice' and I can confirm that it's REAL nice. Smell is hugely important for me as with most peops and so this is a big YAY :D

Photo above is mid day after the 1st morning wash. 

What will tomorrow bring ...??

Pantene Repair and protect Normal- Thick Hair- Day...
Day 2

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