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Palmer's tummy butter to the rescue.

Palmer's tummy butter to the rescue.

This came pretty late into my life ,had I used it during my pregnancies I am certain it would have kept the stretchmarks at bay, although for damage control there is nothing better than Palmer's cocoa butter formula tummy butter.

An intensive treatment, this is made up of all the goodies that skin needs to target and improve the appearance of stretchmarks as well as the elasticity.  With regular use the appearance of my stretchmarks has improved by leaps and bounds . They are less visible and in the past they use to itch at times but now because of this treatment that is no longer an issue.

The key ingredients here are :

Argan oil

Almond oil

Soothing lavender



Thee most important component in this tummy butter is Bio c-elastin ,a powerful ingredient that restores elasticity and therefore reduces the harsh appearance of stretchmarks.  This is ideal for use on the tummy,hips, thighs and bust .I must mention that it is free of parabens.

The butter itself is rich and creamy ,as it should be. Using it regularly will ensure you get positive results .along with it being super beneficial to the skin it also smells great and is absorbed immediately so no residue on clothing. 

Beauties this is a must try.


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