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Palmer's coconut oil formula_strong roots spray

Palmer's coconut oil formula_strong roots spray

​I don't know a single person who does not use coconut oil as by now everyone knows how beneficial it is,especially to the hair. Now I want to rave about this exceptional product from Palmer's. It's a spray formulated with pure coconut oil as well as vitamin E.

I've been using this regularly for weeks because my scalp needed the extra tlc .If you have itchy scalp due to using hair colorants and other hair products like myself, then try this and scalp problems will be over.

Besides repairing scalp issues this spray also strengthens the hair by nourishing roots. I find now I have little hairfall and breakage as a result of continous use.   

And the added bonus is shiny and lusturous hair justs glistens with health .This is the best product for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair !

I must mention that it smells awesome too.


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