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#outofyourcomfortzone nails

#outofyourcomfortzone nails

Challenge 3


So we have to do something we find difficult, 

I have maybe worn nail polish a total of three times, and then applied by a professional, 

my parents did not allow us to use nail polish and after I got married my husband doesn't like it, but anyways here goes,


I have chosen wet n wild fast dry in Teal which is a gorgeous blue, 

Let's hope I can do it neatly by myself, and see what hubby says when he gets home......

Just did two fingers and they look so untidy, going to remove and start again with the tip top base coat I got in my rubybox yesterday and see if that makes a difference


Over the. Base coat i put two coats of the teal blue nail polish, and then 

One coat of wet n wild wild shine in kaleidoscope 


And then the tip top top coat 


I never realized how cold fingers get when you apply multiple layers of polish, 

And I love the way it looks, hope hubby likes it too I then I can keep it on! It's stunning! 

This took me like an hour to do if not more, really out of my comfort zone with this one!!!

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Week 3 Challenge Part 2: #OutOfMyComfortZone

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