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#OutOfYourComfortZone - Challenge 1 - Day 2

Oh boy did yesterday blow - dammit why is there no WiFi hotspots on this island, I couldn't even post yesterday lol, anywhoooo shall post today what I wanted to post yesterday:

So i was asked today "Shame did you run out of nail polish?" my answer knocked her speechless hehehehe. I said "Nope I am on a desert Island and with only my nail polish on me I have to ensure it lasts, who knows how looooooong I'm gonna be stuck here".

Her expression was priceless, a combination between shock, amusement and consternation - no actually I think she thought I was quite crazy and should NOT be allowed outside on my own without adult supervision.




Weekly Challenge: Day 4 #OutOfYourComfortZone
Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 3

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