Out Of My Comfort Zone | Week 3 The Art Of Makeup

So I decided to take up this weeks challenge because I have a real problem with applying accurate nail polish without messing everywhere.This might seem really silly to most of you ladies but I seriously have been struggling with applying nail polish without having it go all over my fingers(everywhere but my nails)


I have no idea why something so simple tends to end up horribly; I decided enough is enough it’s only nail polish right? How bad can that be??( So I thought)


I accepting Beauty Bulletin’s challenge and master this! I used my favourite winter color nail polish which is a dark red(looks maroon) and steadily apply first application. One application seemed to be enough and I paired that with my favourite glitter top coat at the moment. For some reason I always rush through applying nail polish as if it’s some kind of a race . I think that was one of the mail reason’s it never comes out looking great!!


And voila!


Determination paid off!! It actually looks pretty decent( I think)


Feel super proud of myself took 20 minutes applying though lol





What you ladies think did I do good??