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Oslo and Copenhagen Street Style Vibes

When it comes to dressing with style, Oslo and Copenhagen have proved to be the capital cities with a major fashion sense, with their distinguishable style that puts the accent on comfort. From rocking oversized garments to pairing comfy sneakers with a feminine dress, fashionistas all around Norway and Denmark were seen pulling off some of the most imaginative looks there are. The two shared a similar vibe, and both managed to present their fair share of impeccable outfits. Take a look at some of the hottest trends worn on the streets of these two capital cities and discover the ways you can channel Scandinavian street style vibes.

Oversized everything

When it comes to the size of the garments worn this season, Scandinavian women went all in, demonstrating that even the biggest of garments can still look chic when paired with the right pieces. From oversized coats and jumpers to blazers that appear to be from the men's section, these girls surely made them work, proving that comfy doesn't necessarily mean sloppy. Roomy, high-waist flared pants were paired with chic, pointy heels and channeled bohemian style reminiscent of the 70s era while the masculine vibe emitted by oversized blazers was toned down by being mixed with feminine maxi dresses in girly patterns, resulting in the perfect blend of the two opposites.

Pretty in patterns

Another notable trend that is here to stay is definitely the use of patterns wherever, whichever the garment. Women from these two Scandinavian capitals seem to be getting the mismatched patterns trend just right, adopting the rebellious approach and adding their own personal touches and twists to it. Flowy, lengthy dresses enriched with floral patterns were paired with scarves with geometric shapes prints on them, and resulted in a surprisingly chic combo, offering a picturesque feminine look while also retaining an edge. To emulate the same vibe, get your feminine pieces by ordering clothes from an online fashion store – you can find a variety of dresses and skirts with patterns ranging from daisy and cherry patterns to cute polka dots and wild leopard print, and pair them with clashing pieces to create a delightful combo that is truly runway-worthy.

Color pop

If you're someone who pictured Scandinavian street style as a monochromatic, minimalist haven, or a place where pastels are worn on a daily basis, you'll be surprised to see just how many incredible looks Scandinavian fashion enthusiasts were able to pull off by using a rather limited color palette. Outfits were based on a couple of vibrant shades and then paired with delicate pieces and accessories that merged together perfectly, creating a cohesive whole. Sunset orange was one of the hues used for a number of outfits, and besides citrusy yellow and rusty red, portrayed a warmer palette and brought a lively vibe to the streets of Norway, while Denmark showed a notable inclination towards green-hued accessories and definitely did not shy away from all-orange outfits.

All white? Alright!

All-white outfits were all the rage this season, and the streets of the two capitals were filled with pure white galore, giving everyone major fashion envy with their cohesive and subtle, yet madly powerful combinations that oozed with style and elegance. The perfect contrast to the juicy hues that were mentioned above, pure white outfits served as a way to exemplify the empowerment and sophistication through the use of refined, feminine white pantsuits and flowy, puff-sleeve dresses. The combinations were spiced up by using various accessories, mostly dainty jewelry that enhanced the simplicity of the outfits but also brought a feminine touch, as well as clutches and crossbody bags that enhanced the visual interest of the monochromatic combinations.

Accent accessories

Accessories can take the whole outfit to another level, and that is just what so many women from Oslo and Copenhagen did and spiced up their combinations in a fun and chic way. Whether it's a pair of funky statement heels in a plethora of vibrant colors, a handbag in an equally enticing hue, or a stylish hat that spells drama, accessories were paired to work together and create a look that was breathtakingly stylish and sophisticated. Throw on a hot pink maxi dress and pair it with yellow flip-flops and a clutch for an effortlessly chic look, or go for a vibrant red mini skirt and combine it with red boots and a bucket bag for a bold monochromatic outfit that will make you feel powerful and chic.

When it comes to fashion, Norway and Copenhagen prove to be the two capitals that are able to present something that is completely unique and their own. Use these ideas to emulate the Scandinavian street style vibes and come up with your own Scandi-inspired outfits.

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