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My journey to clear skin with Oratane

I have taken my first dose today, and want to keep track and share how well it works

Orratane end month9 40mg daily

Orratane end month9 40mg daily

b2ap3_thumbnail_image_20140613-062814_1.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_image_20140613-062816_1.jpgThese are the before pictures! 

So I'm at the end of month 9 and the depression is really starting to be a problem, I still haven't mentioned it to anyone as I am scared that they will stop my treatment! 

I have taken some pics and will put them up along with the before pics, the difference is absolutely amazing!

I took these pics without washing my face this morning, so I could really show how my skin looks, 

As you can see from the pics, my lips are absolutely horrible, they are so dry and they constantly peel! Also I have sores in the corners of my lips, the only product that helps at all is blistex, the blue pot, Lip Medex, it has a numbing agent in it so for dry cracked painfull lips like mine it's a life saver! 

I also experience nose bleeds daily, and my bones ache all the time, 

We might up the dose to 60mg daily, just to get rid of the last of the stubborn pimples, though they are very small, so it will be more to smooth out my skin, and help get rid of any marks,

This week I didn't use my clarisonic for three days, just three,(I couldn't find the plug to charge the device) and I was molting all over the show, anytime I touched my face, skin came off, it was not a pleasant experience! 

I am going to get my monthlies on Monday,(doc also put me on diane35) and normally I get a huge breakouts the week before, so I am happy that this has appeared to have stopped! 

It looks like I will be taking orratane for 12 months altogether, after one month of 60mg daily we will be doing a month of 40mg then a month of 20mg daily! 

I can't wait for it to be over!

the after pics




Revive a dry gel liner!

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