I aim to start a series where I will be putting face products from one brand to the test each month.  I hope that my budget and my husband will allow it.  It dawned on me that brands test their products in conjunction with each other and not with other makeup brands.  I am on a mission to find out if their claims are true in terms of application, finish and longevity.  I will do three check-ins during the course of my day as I am wearing these products.  My skin type is oily, so as you can imagine, it really is a massive battle to find something that is not going to just melt right of your face.  The first brand that I selected is MAC and the products include the following:

1.  Oil Control Lotion (travel size) R150

2.  Prep & Prime Beauty Balm SPF35  R415

3.  Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 R380

4.  Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation R380

5.  Mineralize Foundation Loose R400

This may seem like a lot, but you only need to use the smallest amount of each product.  I used about half a pea size amount of Oil Control Lotion and the same amount of Prep & Prime Beauty Balm SPF35 to moisturize and prime my skin.  I then went in with a pea size amount of Studio Fix Fluid SPF15.  I set everything in place with a touch of Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation.  Step 5 is optional, but I like to add Mineralize Foundation Loose to the tops of my cheek bones, chin and forehead just to give my face some dimension.  

Everything went on very smoothly and the finish was perfect.  All-in-all I can say that I had a very good makeup day.  I was not very active or busy today and Winter is finally here, so I did not have to deal the usual humidity.  I spruced the house up a bit, did some grocery shopping and lazed on the couch watching Youtube.  I did 3 check-ins and the pics are as follows:

At 3 hours, everything was still looking great.  At 5 hours, I had a very natural glow.  At 7 hours, my oils started to show.  On a normal week day, I apply my face products at 05:00am and my work day only ends at 17:00pm.  I found that this particular foundation routine has lasted me the full 12 hours with only having to blot twice.  I did not need any additional powder and the blotting did not take away any coverage.  In my book, these products performed very well and I can definitely recommend them to anyone out there who is looking for a long lasting finish.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and please keep a look out for the next one.  Remember:  Beauty is the moment you decide to be yourself