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One Brand Foundation Routine - Estée Lauder

One Brand Foundation Routine - Estée Lauder

​I am very excited to finally share this blog post all about my most favourite foundation on the planet: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup. The list of products that I use in this particular foundation routine include the following: 

Serum: Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher  (R850.00 for 30ml / R1095.00 for 50ml)

Moisturizer: DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15 (R550.00 for 30ml / R665.00 for 50ml)

Primer: Smoother Universal (R430.00 for 30ml)

Foundation: Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup (shade 2w2 rattan) (R585.00 for 30ml)

Powder: Lucidity Translucent Pressed (shade light) (R495.00 for 15g)

These particular products will set you back between R2900.00 & R3300.00 depending on what size you get in some of the skincare items, which is a hefty price tag, but in my opinion really worth the splurge.  I really like the polished look that these products provide. My skin looks ultra smooth and healthy and I always receive compliments. 

The one thing that really ensures the best results with this foundation is skin prep. If you are oily - it will accentuate pores and texture. If you are dry it will cling to and accentuate dryness and flakiness.  Always apply your serum first and then your moisturizer. Wait about 15 minutes and then apply your primer. After letting that sit for about 5 minutes, apply your foundation and let it dry down completely for 5 minutes and then apply your powder. It is very important to apply everything in layers and to let it absorb / set before going in with the next product. You want everything to layer perfectly instead of mixing together and caking up.

The Idealist serum is fast absorbing and leaves the skin feeling matte and smooth. The pump is quite generous, so 1 pump is plenty. The DayWear is very thick, but very comfortable. It plumps the skin nicely and has the added benefit of SPF15. The Smoother Universal primer is very silky and smells really good. It definitely diffuses texture and it is the smoothest and most lightweight primer that I have ever used. The Double Wear foundation needs to be applied in sections as it sets quite fast. I do feel that it is easy to work with regardless - specially if you prep. It provides a solid medium coverage, but it builds beautifully up to a full coverage. The finish is not totally matte to where it washes you out. It surprisingly does not feel heavy on the skin either. It does not have a pump, but in other countries you are now able to purchase a pump and I really hope that it will launch in S.A. soon. The Lucidity powder is very lightweight, provides light coverage, but sets the foundation nicely. With light diffusing technology - it provides a flawless healthy glow.

At my 3 hour check-in it really looks like I just applied my make-up. Absolutely no oil and no moving or shifting of the foundation.

At my 7 hour check-in my skin looks incredible as my healthy glow starts to peek through. The camera does not do much justice, but in real life it is a site to see.

At my 10 hour check-in my oils in my T-zone have started to show, but the parameter of my face is still pretty matte. Absolutely nothing has moved and the coverage is still 100%.

10 Hours of wear time without having to blot is fantastic! When you do blot, you lose absolutely no coverage as the foundation does not transfer much. After applying a light layer of powder, you still look flawless for about another 4-5 hours. I think this foundation can definitely hold up to the 24 hour claim. It just completely adheres to the skin and does not move until you decide to remove it.

I will say that you really need to triple cleanse in order to remove this product. If you happen to experience break-outs - it is probably because you are not taking it off properly. I have not experienced any irritation whatsoever. I will forever love and continue to use this foundation.

You need to check out their website as so many new products have launched online. Unfortunately, when I went to Galleria Edgars about 2 weeks ago, they did not have any of the new launches in store. I will own the above eventually, it will take some time and a lot of bucks, but I am very determined.

My wishlist includes: 

Nutritious Vitality 8 Radiant Energy Lotion Fresh Moist 

Nutritious Micro-Algae Pore Minimizing Hydra Lotion 

Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti Aging Wake Up Balm 

The Illuminator Radiant Perfecting Primer + Finisher

A few honorable mentions: 

Brows: MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in True Brunette and Ash Blonde (favourite combo) 

Eyeliner: MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline in Blacktrack (favourite liner ever) 

Lid Colour: MAC Nylon (favourite eyeshadow ever) 

Lips: MAC Lady Danger (favourite red lippie)

As always thank you for taking the time to read my post and remember - "God gave us eyes to see the beauty in nature and hearts to see the beauty in each other"

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