Olay Regenerist

I remember going on a road trip and I had forgotten to pack my usual skin care products. I was going to Botswana via Martins Drift border. The road barely had many stops and there no towns in-between, it was quite a remote area. I was hoping to pass by a mall somewhere but alas there was nothing on our way. we kept driving until we reached a very small town. There were not many shops in this town just one big Shoprite.


I was extremely stressed and did not know where I would purchase my skin care products but thank goodness I decided to just get anything in Shoprite. To my surprise they had Olay skin care products on their shelf. I was so thrilled eventhough I had not yet tried this range. I had no other option but to purchase this range. I was so relieved indeed to get something for my face.

I then started using Olay skin care products, boy was I not as happy as usual. I was really fascinated by the results, My skin was smooth, fair and even moisturised. I was so satisfied that i then commenced purchasing these products monthly. I am so happy to use Olay products because they can be found in any big or small grocery stores. This then makes the availability of these products easier as I will purchase them whenever and wherever.


I am really a proud fan of Olay products the results are always best, evenly toned skin, well moistured and smooth skin. I will always be loyal to Olay at all times