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Oh So Heavenly - No more rough stuff.

This is such a cute name for a product, “No more rough stuff” don’t you agree? But this is more than just a cute name, This is one of the amazing Oh so Heavely’s amazing foot creams that is part of their “foot spa – Peppermint and shea” range. What they claim: Walk all over unwanted skin and calluses with this hardworking cream which targets rough skin to help leave feet feeling soft and smooth. Enriched with super-sloughing Salicylic and Glycolic Acids; natural exfoliation agents, it it helps prepare for easier removal of calluses while gently breaking down hard, tough skin.Formulated for larger areas of feet, this cream provides effective results while simultaneously softening and smoothing the newly exposed skin thanks to Shea butter, Argan, & Peppermint oil. Say goodbye to hard skin and soften your sole. The packaging of this product I must say is very attractive – it is a light green, 75ml tube making it very compact  to carry around and because it is tube form you can squeeze every bit of the magic out.


  Now down to the important part – the physical effectiveness of this cream. I really did notice how my calluses dramatically softened within the first application. I walked around in it with my socks for about two hours before my shower and after my shower when it was time to file these paws the process went so much quicker than usual. Trust me I would know as I wear heels most of my life…95% of the time. 


The smell was also amazing with a strong peppermint aroma but more like a sweet peppermint rather than pharmaceutical peppermint. This is really a great product which you can buy at most Clicks and Dischem stores at a very reasonable price and I would recommend this to everyone wanting to pamper their feet at a budget friendly price.

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