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October Must Haves: My 5 Picks

Yes, there is a good reason why its all so pink! Why you might ask?  Because October means, Breast Cancer Awareness month. And I feel every women should be spoiled and what better than to choose your 5 favourite beauty picks and just indulge ladies!

Firstly, I would go for some Impress Stick on Nails.  They quick, they easy and no mess, means no fuss.  And what better than a classic French Manicure, cause every lady has that classic touch if you know what I mean! ;-)

Next up, is a scent, sweet but floral with a touch of freshness.  You cant go wrong with Incanto Bloom. yes I know its only a sample, but until I can afford the full size I am treating this like a piece of gold!

Thirdly, every women wants to walk out in confidence and Clere Radiance does just that with a BB Cream, that will leave you feeling like a queen.  Covering all blemishes, and evening out your skin, without any oiliness! Yay! plus its affordable!!!

Lolli Tint, from Benefit cosmetics, can be used as a lip and cheek blush, three strokes and a blend, and you set.

Lastly, whats a girl without her lipstick? INCOMPLETE! I am loving the Starburst Pink lipstick from Avon, look at that color payoff! Yay for all the pink beauty.

Now please beauty bulletin, celebrate all women, and especially because we are fighters and we take on anything even if its cancer with every might in us! Here`s to all women, here`s to being beautiful! ;-) Every women is special and deserves to be spoiled..  #FRIDAYPRIZEDAY

Herbatinit Hair Dye
My Top 5 October must haves

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