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October Makeup Favourites

I cannot believe that I am already posting my second quarter favourites for 2018! Where the heck has the year gone…

The past few months have been a little quiet in terms of beauty purchases if you ask me. I did go on a no-makeup buy for the months of April, May and June. Can I firstly say how proud I am at of the fact that I actually had some sort of restraint through those three months? Well, with the help of my mother. She is rather good at diverting my attention if you ask me.

So that does mean that most of these purchases were made in July, so I have had some time to test them all out.

Without further ado, here are my favourites rounded up from the past three months.

  • Beauty Treats Precise Eye Brush Set

Almost everyone knows that I can't really so know to a good brush set so I of course had to try these out when they were recommended to me by my friend Michaela.

This is a set of eye brushes by an extremely affordable brand, Beauty Treats.

If I am being honest with you, I was ready for this to be a little hit and miss because that is the impression I have received from most of the brands beauty products. Fortunately, I was way off the mark.

This lippie was gifted to me when a friend returned from vacation and I instantly fell in love with the colour. The formula, like my previous one in the shade Famous, is the exact same. Super pigmented which provides a clean one swipe application. The only problem I have with this formula is the fact that it is super drying. I need some serious lip balm priming before I can commit.

But with that being said, I absolutely love the shade of this lipstick which is why I wanted to include it in my favourites post.

When it comes to purchasing these lippies, I would recommend if possible that you purchase them out of South Africa because the third-party seller prices are insane.

The only reseller that had this particular shade was Muse Beautyfor R550. I say opt for something by Colour Pop, OFRA and Wet n Wild and save those bucks. In my opinion, the Huda Liquid Lippies are highly overrated for the price and can easily be duped.

  • Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara (Mini)

After I was given this mascara at a Benefit Masterclass I don't think I've used anything else since! Why don't people rave about this little gem?

Mini or not, this has to be my favourite mascara to date and I say that having tried out the cult favourite Roller Lash.

The spikey brush allows my lashes to be equally coated and separated, giving them a fuller appearance. These little spikes even extend to the brush tip to get to those challenging inner and outer corner lashes.

This mascara formula is extremely black and long lasting. Which means that once you apply it, believe me when I say that it is not going anywhere. I have always had a problem with mascaras transferring onto my lower lash area because my lower lashes are quite curly. No stress no mess honey! Would I like to repurchase this mascara? Heck yes!

This mascara is available from Edgars and Edgars Red Square.

R175 for the Mini and R355 for a full size tube.

  • KiKi Beauty Makeup Ready Setting Spray

If I had 10 bucks for every time I saw or read someone rave about this product I think I could repurchase the above mascara a dozen times. And after trying it, I can now see why.

Coming from a girl who has combination skin, this setting spray has basically leveled up the appearance of my makeup.

My makeup does not only last longer but it looks more 'natural'. The oily perimeters of my face don't oil up as easily and my dry under eyes and mouth area look quite pleasant.

The nozzle gives an even, almost fine sprits so there won't be any blotched-up areas. There is no scent and the liquid does not leave or give off any white residue when it is applied. It simply melts the powders together so that everything can come together as one.

Heck, I even tested out this setting spray on a clubbing night out. That says quite a lot since I always wear the most minimalistic makeup due to my oily skin. Double thumbs up KiKi!

This product is available on the KiKi Beauty website at R240 for 100ml

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