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Oatmeal hair therapy

I am forever looking for DIY just about anything when it comes to my beauty and self care regiment..that means I'm always searching the net, researching and trying out various things at home using kitchen ingredients. One that I came across is a fantastic hair treatment.. It takes care of dandruff and it nourishes hair at the same time.. Once done your hair will feel so healthy and shine with health.. 

Here's how to do it :

1 cup of oatmeal 2 cups of hot water. Blend this in a blender then we have to filter out the remnants of the oatmeal using a cheesecloth or a stocking works just as well, Infact better. Make sure to squeeze out all liquid from the oatmeal. Once done you will be left with just a milky substance.. Apply this generously into your hair and leave in for twenty minutes, longer if you have the patience. Rinse off and shampoo hair as normal.. You will see and feel the results immediately.


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