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Nuts About Coconuts

Nuts About Coconuts

Coconut oil, otherwise known as the latest super-natural super food, really got my attention as it was doing the rounds on social media. Below I have listed the 5 various ways I have tried and tested the product.

1.If you don't know, Coconut Oil is a superfood known for its health benefits such as weight loss, great skin and overall health

2.I often cook with it as well as drink the oil occasionally to boost my energy levels (be mindful that if you eat or drink it, the oil must be good quality and preferably organic)

3.Coconut oil has also been my saviour as a full body moisturizer during these cold, dry winter months. I lather it on my skin every morning and feel so great for the rest of the day. It isn't as oily as using a body oil, it soaks into the skin wonderfully within an hour

4.I also tried it as a hair treatment, however it wasn't as soft as the alternative natural treatments I have tried (olive oil, which amaaazing)

5.What I really enjoy is using it as a make-up remover, it is so quick and easy, and leaves your skin feeling soft

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