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Nowhere to run! Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

Nowhere to run! Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer


I think everyone is in agreement about Smashbox and their primers . . . they are the best.

Here’s the deal, I have very deep-set eyes, I’m talking like set into my skull hooded.  So to prep my eyes for eye shadow application, I usually grab my MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre  to add light and hide the darkness and so they don’t appear so sunken in. It’s an optical illusion, but it works J

So I steered clear of the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow primer.

But I gave it  a go and I'm  super stoked that I did! It super glue for your eyes. I know it sounds nasty, but I say it with love :)


The primer comes in silver/grey little tube with a screw on black cap. Smashbox packaging is never OTT, simple but effective, just like this primer.


Ok, so, I am not sure about the 24-hour-lasting power. I never worn eye shadow that long, even while modeling or going out clubbing . . . and I don’t want to.

That said, while I had this primer on, my eye shadow was on LOCK DOWN!!!

When I first used the primer, I got carried away when applying my foundation and before I knew it, I had applied foundation over my eyelids. Being a smarty-pants , I decided  to roll with it  (before work, nogal) and applied the primer to my freshly ‘foundationed’ eyelids and I learnt that when the directions say a tiny amount, it means just that! This guy set fast and the excess, moved and set my foundation too. Because I didn’t pat the primer on and used err… a bit too much ,I had a little blob of foundation by my eyebrow, I tried to rub it off, it didn’t budge I even tried picking it off, it wouldn’t come off, I realized then that this guy had serious staying power but I would have preferred to have realized this sans the foundation boo boo. Using an oil-based eye-make up remover did the trick, but I  removed that after work and spend the day with my foundation blob walking before me! 

The next day, I patted a small amount onto my lids and waited  60 seconds ok, maybe 90 seconds, fear from the day before. The primer glided on my eyelid and once it set, my eye felt smooth and kind of taut, not uncomfortably so. I applied my Alila single eye shadow in the colour Skin and the shadow adhered to it seamlessly. I finished off my eye look and found that the primer did indeed intensify the colour of the base shadow so whatever I put over it was  emphasized and enhanced. It did not settle into fine lines and I promise you the colour of my shadow didn’t fade and I wore it for 12 hours, a few extra hours than I usually would, just to test it out.

Does it live up to its claims? Yes

Will I repurchase? Yes,

Has it knocked my MAC Paint Pot (ochre) out of my kit? No

Will my MAC Paint Pot and this primer share space in my kit and vanity? Yes, they are BFF’s already!

While it’s not my HG shadow primer, it is of superior quality, I just prefer a pigmented primer because I have dark lids. This primer will make sure your eye shadows stay put and not run away with the circus.

Placement of the product is key and the only time it will go wrong is if you use it incorrectly,  like if you use a large pea-sized amount over your wet foundation that wasn’t meant to be on your lids in the first place!


Where to buy? Smashbox counters across the country, or



Price: R230

Smashbox Under Eye Primer: For Vampires Everywhere
Lusting over Smashbox!

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