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Nothing but a number?

Nothing but a number?

There’s a new internet sensation on the block: The app, developed by Microsoft, guesses your age and gender based on a photo of your face. In a world obsessed with remaining forever young, it’s no wonder that How-Old went viral practically instantly.

I put the app to the test and uploaded a photo of myself. The results? How-Old told me I look a full 6 years older than my actual age. I guess it simply doesn’t work. That, or I should give the late nights and junk food a rest.

I uploaded a few photos of celebrities to test it out a little more. How-Old guessed Emma Watson at 23 rather than 25 and Lupita Nyongo at 28 rather than 32. Almost, but not quite.


 So, how close did How-Old come to guessing your age? Let me know below.

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