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Okay, I am sure that by now most of you are familiar with the dunking / diving method right?  No?  Well, this method originated in Korea and is actually known as "Jamsu" and this is how you do it:

1.  Apply your foundation and concealer as you normally would (I recommend applying your eye primer and setting it as well at this stage)

2.  Apply a generous amount of loose powder, baby powder is the preferred method, but if you have a medium to dark skin tone - rather use your every day powder

3.  Grab a bowl large enough to fit your entire face into and fill that baby up with water

4.  Submerge your entire face and hold it there for 30 seconds

5.  Either pat dry or wait for your face to dry completely

And voila!  You should be left with a silky soft and flawless finish.  If you notice any visible powder residue - simply dust if off.  This method reduces texture on the skin and ensures long-wear.  It's almost like a chemical reaction occurs, where the liquid and powder just bond to each other and to your face.

Now, if you are anything like me and don't particularly want to dunk your face in a bowl of water every day at 05:00am, do not stress...  There is a much easier way to get exactly the same result.  Throw away the content of your favourite setting spray, because trust me - you do not need it anymore!  Rinse the container thoroughly and fill with good old H2O.  Spray your face generously, and I mean drench it.  Simply wait for it to dry while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee or sort out lunch for the kiddiez.  Since you are not dunking your face for 30 seconds, you may have to repeat spraying your face, but I have not yet felt the need to.  

This method really works girlz and it is a fantastic money saver!  Go on and try it - you know you want to...

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