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New Years Resolutions for 2013!

Happy New Year to all you Beauty Babes!

This year is going to be more hectic and fast paced than last year. As we all get caught up at work and the day to day activities that seem to consume our lives, we sometimes neglect ourselves. So this year these are my resolutions:

1. Pay attention to my beauty routine. (Towards the end of last year, I have enjoyed spending an extra few minutes morning and night on my skin care routine. Applying my products slowly onto my skin, instead of slapping it on as I run out the door. Taking the time to wear sun block every morning and tone my skin twice a day. I found a big difference and it calms me down before I leave the house and at night before I go to bed. I consciously made an effort to exfoliate and mask my face at least once a week, with a steam.)

2. Keep my nails and hair in great condition and looking healthy and polished all the time. (My nails and hair is sometimes dry and brittle and for this I vow to drink more water!)

3. Get into a gym and actually work out for longer than 20mins and maintain a healthy diet.

4. Complete a  course I signed up for last year.

So these are my plans for 2013. I hope I can keep it up!



Day 1 resolution progress
Ooh There's Banana In My Mask

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