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New Skincare Routine with Gentle Magic

​Hello Beauts', let me start by giving you all a brief background on my skin's history.

I have combination skin (which was confirmed through skin analysis) with pigmentation and blemish problems, I have only ever used two skincare products over long periods of time, from my teens into my late twenties, and that's when everything changed for me.  Fast forward to my thirties, I found myself using anything that would bring me instant results, some skincare product delivered on their promises others didn't.

Presently I have decided to give Gentle Magic a try for the next three months, having started today.  I of course did the necessary research and watched reviews on other peoples experiences with the product. I have purchased all of the products in their product line, and I'm impressed at how inexpensive they are.  Today, I started my morning routine with their skincare soap bar, lotion(also acts as a toner) and cream.  Because the product contains little to no sun protective properties, I make use of my daily sunscreen with an SPF of 50. Tonight, I'll be using again, the skincare bar soap, lotion and serum. I will also be working into my routine the their new skincare mask, which I will be applying to my skin at least 2-3 times weekly.  The product is said to promote a healthier, radiantly glowing skin, containing pro-vitamins such as B3, B5, C and E respectively to assist in acquiring a blemish free, balanced complexion.

I do hope the the use of this product yields the desired outcome as stated above, I will keep you all updated once a week for the next thirteen weeks or so.

A Fab Friyay to you All!

Stay Beautiful!

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Marc Anthony

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