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Brand: CherubsProduct: Petroleum Jelly Fragrance free (pink) and Fragranced (purple)Size: Available in both 250ml -RSP R22.99 and 500ml RSP R29.99Available to purchase from; Most leading retail outlets nationwide

Picture inserted - From Left to Right: The texture of the petroleum jelly at first might seem like wax, but it goes soft, and becomes really smooth and shiny.Top Right: Just to give you all an indication of what the tub of Cherubs petroleum jellies looks like from the inside and the color, is translucent. Right middle and bottom: Bottom my skin before applying cherubs petroleum jelly, middle; my skin after applying petroleum jelly. You can clearly see the difference, as its visible on the eye and my skin is soft and shiny.

Product Description:
I usually use the petroleum jelly on my feet and lips most often. At night, wash your feet, put on some petroleum jelly and then put on socks. The formula is non-greasy so dont worry your socks wont get the worst of the jelly and end up being oily/greased. In the morning my feet and heels are soft as a baby, and they smell nice too. Dry areas of my skin are easily repaired and left soothed and healed.

Uses for petroleum jellies:-Heals minor scrapes and burns-Moisturise ones face, hands and more-Prevent nappy rash-Easily removes eye makeup-Prevent skin stains from hair-dye or nail polish

Would I recommend this product:
Honestly speaking I would. One thing I dont like though is the tub sizes. If Cherubs could produce a smaller tub, one for on the go - it would be my favorite petroleum jelly to use. I especially love the fragrant variant, as its not too overpowering on the nose, but yet lingers and is gentle on the lips too. Leaving my lips soft, and smooth with a hint of baby smell.

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