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New from Oh So Heavenly!

This post features 5 new product offerings from Oh So Heaven. Now if you are not familiar with the brand just where have you been? Joking...
Oh so Heavenly products are available from all Clicks stores and although the brand makes affordable products it really does not skip on quality. Every rand spent is value for money, and I am not just saying that.

 The first product that stood out for me was the lavishly looking Classic Care Body wash with flower and Argan Oil. This body wash can literally double up as a body wash and a foam bath ssshhh I used it as both and I loved it. The flowery aroma is subtle and not too overwhelming that it would leave you with a headache. Packaging on all products are absolutely amazing and the body wash with its fine gold resemblances makes this product seem regal ~ I love it, and since not alot of product is required it will last for quite some time. The vitamin E, flower extracts and precious argan oil ensures my skin is nourished and leaves me all pampered.

I dont know about you all but I love eating sweet things although I dont really love smelling sweet. However as the saying goes `first impressions count`. This body spray doesnt smell too sweet thankfully, so I get away with wearing it without getting any headaches. Notes include vanille, berries, toffee apples and flowers. So if you up to trying something new why not give it a go? :-)

The following 3 products focuses on hand care. The On the Go Hand wipes are just a must have for moms, ladies, men, dads just everyone basically. Its great for cleaning hands when you not close to a tap or water. With no alcohol in it and enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E my hands are left soft, clean and moisturized. Be sure to close the tab properly after removing each wipe as an open tab could lead to dried out wipes.

The Repair and Care tissue oil hand cream is a 24 hour life saver when it comes to my hands. With vitamins and tissue oil, hands are left looking moisturized, soft and cared for without it being oily. Again, with this product it gets a 5/5 from me. And knowing that this product has been dermatologist tested I know its the best.
Lastly, the handy sized on the go hand sanitizer is not really that much of a new product offering as I have used it before. This variant is lovely though, it has lemon in it and it reminds me of a fresh ocean breeze. My hands are left clean and germ free.
Final thoughts:Loving all the products and definitely would repurchase everything again. Affordable products and great quality. It gets an overall 4.5/5 from me. If you have any comments please do share below! :-)

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