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Neutrogena Spot Proofing Range: 1 Week Update

Neutrogena Spot Proofing Range: 1 Week Update


I wasn't someone who generally had many break outs, but I recently started wearing makeup quite often and I'm not sure if it was that or me not knowing what products to use or how to effectively take care of my skin - but pimples started to find refuge on my cheeks, forehead and along my jawline 😩.
That, adding to my already uneven skin tone and very dry skin.
As I've been using the ​​​​​​Neutrogena Spot Proofing Range for a week, the difference is greater than I expected.

🔖My skin is softer and glowing 
🔖I still have a couple of little pimples along my jawline, but the prominent ones have completely disappeared.

My #ShineYourLightEveryday journey is magical so far!
5 reasons why we mask ft Neutrogena visibly clear ...
One week in- Neutrogena visibly clear

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