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Neutrogena new Visibly Clear Spot Proofing range

​I never thought the day would come where im able to step out of the absolutely makeup free and not those typical 'no makeup,makeup' type of things. My skin is visibly smooth,spot free and it stays moisturized the whole day. You literally fee the difference while you cleanse your face with the Daily Wash. You feel the smoothness and softness of the smoothing scrub and the 2in1 wash-mask product is excellent for unclogging tour pores and really offering that fresh and new face feeling. The toner ladies! I wasnt a fan of toners before trying these products out but once i ised that toner,i fell in love. The toner cleanses the skin but literally pulls it al together maintaining that clean feel. Although the moisturizer is oil-free and does dru ip your skin abit,its really excellent and smells amazing. I would recommend these new products by Neutrogena ladies,you would not regret. #ShineYourLightEveryday

Neutrogena visably clear spot proofing range
Avon Mark range

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