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Neutrogena Hydro Boost.Cleanser - Water Gel

I have always suffered from dry sensitive skin which made it very difficult for me during my teenage years to find affordable products that do not harm or irritate my skin, but still work at combating the dryness I experience. I have tried everything from Cetaphil to, Epimax to my mothers' skin care for mature/aged skin and as soon as I found a product that I thought was working for me, the next day I would break out in red blotches all over my face and neck (you can only imagine the number of days I missed off of school because of the embarrassment from being called pepperoni face.)

At the beginning of December last year I moved out of home for the first time and in with my boyfriend. We made the move from Durban to Cape Town and it was only when we had arrived in Cape Town I realized that I had not thought to bring a face cleanser with me. My boyfriend has very oily skin so there is no way I could use his face wash (I tried once before and ended up with skin that resembled something not far off from sandpaper) and being in a new city I hadn't found my bearings yet so I shot down the road and found a Dischem to indulge myself in.

I had seen the advertisements for the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost range all over my social media and having just moved out of home money was quite tight so it was a pleasant surprise to see that the water gel cleanser from the range did not cost me an arm and a leg. I thought I would try it for myself and see what all the hype is about and if it is worth it. Boy, am I glad i made that decision. HANDS DOWN THE BEST CLEANSER I HAVE EVER USED! This little miracle works wonders at combating my dryness while being gentle enough that my skin does not decide to hate me the next day. My skin is looking brighter and feels a well moisturized new born baby's bottom, and it doesn't hurt that the gel has a fresh and clean scent to it. My skin care routine has been revamped and reborn thanks to this one product.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Range Yay or Nay? #AlwaysBo...
Hydro boost #alwaysbounceback

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