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I'm a natural hair and face enthusiast.

I am proud of the skin and hair I've been given and embrace it to the best of my capabilities. I am not an expert but when it comes my to my own hair and skin I'd like to think I am. I love using natural products on my whole body and I believe my body loves me for it.

I will be sharing my natural hair and skin journey. By natural skin I mean a bare face with no make-up, just pure and how God gave it to me. I will share products I use that work for me for both hair and skin.

I hope you enjoy and remember just because something works for me doesn't mean it's for everyone but I hope when you try my skin and hair routine that they work just as well for you as they have for me.

Neliswa Sithole?

Natural Hair Care Tips

Natural Hair Care Tips

Firstly, your hair grows best in its natural start but that doesn't mean you cannot grow long healthy hair from relaxed hair. 

I've been natural (unrelaxed hair) for 7 years. I shaved my hair last year February then again in April due to damage. I had a series of split ends and what I called a an ocean of dandruff. Shaving my hair seemed to be the only solution to treating my dandruff from my scalp and getting a fresh head of hair. 

A year and 7 months later I have managed to grow my hair to almost the length I had before I shaved. So it has taken me 1yr seven months to grow my hair the length it took 5 years to grow. All was achieved through proper hair care using basic techniques and hair care products. But I'd like to focus more on what has help me drastically minimize my dandruff prone sculpture. 

I've suffered from dandruff for the longest and nothing has ever work. But when I tried the Originals hair mayonnaise, I saw a major difference and have never looked back. Honestly I don't know why it is about this product but all I know is it works. I bought my jar 2016 and I still have product left and a plus is I use to use it after every wash but now I can miss 4-6 months without using.

The hair mayonnaise is a deep conditioner. I'd rub a small amount in my hair and leave it on for 20-30 minutes with a shower cap over my head. Rinse off with warm water and let my hair air dry. I did this after every wash for about four washes. I noticed the difference after the second wash but by the fourth my dandruff issue was practically solved. 

It add moisture, softens hair and leaves it well nourished. It is definitely worth the try. 

Gentle Magic

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