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My Top 5 Beauty Products for 2015

My Top 5 Beauty Products for 2015

My top 5 products for 2015

When I thought of writing this post, I thought of the best products I'd ever used, the really nice ones, brands that were (in my mind) quality.

But the more I thought of it, the more I couldn't help think of the products I use everyday, just plain ordinary ones, but that I use so habitually its like breathing, I dont even think about it! 

Thats what brought me to tell you abou these 5 winners and how they will easily see me through 2015 and perhaps even yourself!


If I start from the top, the first would have to be my hand cream, once I've hopped out the shower my hands are left rather dry from the soap and are in diyer need of some intense moisture! I really enjoy this Good Stuff hand moisturizer because my skin just absorbs it so beautifully. There's no left over oiliness and the smell is sensational! This is also just perfect for the hand bag!! hehe :) 


Once thats done and I've changed for the day, my hair gets blow dried and quite like my hands I find it needs a little extra help with moisture. I use this gorgeous silky Kair Silicone for the ends of my hair and only work it up slightly to the roots. It keeps my hair shinny moisturized and split end free!! Such a winner! 


Then my makeup is on and the only finishing touch is some floral perfume. Out of all the expensive and fancy brands out there I cant help but come back to this Essence beauty! It has a scent unlike anything else I've ever smelt and just makes me feel so feminine, I absolutely love it!


Now I know I dont do my nails everyday, but boy when I do, I just cannot go wrong with this perfect, pocket size, gel nail lamp! I suppose I should of popped a pic of the gel polish in, but we'll just pretend its there already :) My nails are exceptionally week and I've a feeling its because of my diet. Yes I know theirs many supplements out there for this, but I just havent quite gotten round to it yet, so in the meantime my nails are kept strong and long with the help of the Essence gel nail kit.

It makes your polish last almost double the time, keeps your nails looking so shinny and most of all helps grow your nails to a beautiful length without chipping or cracking or anything!


Then finally at the end of my day the makeup undoubtedly needs to come off and eye makeup can be the real stickler. A face cloth certainly does not do the trick and equally so with facewash and water. So I go to this pal. Just a cotton pad and some Nivea makeup remover and your good to go honey! Only a couple of wipes is all it takes and your ready for bed! Simply no mess and no fuss!  


Thats my 5 top products for 2015 and I can always rely on them to get the job done. They may not be the top products out there, but to me they are, and I think for most women they are absolutely prefect! There is nothing more satisfying than a quality product, at an affordable price, and in reach at any moment!

Thanks for reading ladies and please let me know if you use any of these products and your thoughts :)



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