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my skincare routine (check out the full blog with pictures on xo NO PRODUCTS OVER R100

Hi babes, my skincare routine is definitely something I've been asked to address for the longest time so I thought that it being my first beauty blog post would be perfect.

My skin is definitely not perfect but it is the best it's been and I do believe it has to do with the products I've been using and things I've started changing or doing differently when it comes to my skin.

I have a different routine when it comes to my morning and evening skincare routine.Today we'll be looking at my morning skincare routine which is really simple (because I would have cleansed my face of makeup and all other dirt the previous night).

My morning skincare routine really only consists of the 5 basic skincare steps which are to

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Treat
  • Moisturize
  • Use an SPF

so let's get started

c l e a n s e . . .

In the morning, I like to cleanse my face with a very gentle cleanser and I use theGarnier Even & Matte Gentle Clarifying Foam. I love this product because I really saw a difference in my skin after using it, I started using it after my athletics season when I was in the sun regularly and completely lost my complexion, and my skin was so uneven. This product definitely evened out my complexion This cleanser is a no-nonsense product, very simple, very effective and very affordable.

Garnier Even & Matte Gentle Clarifying foam. Dischem, R36.95

t o n e . . .

Next thing I do is to tone my face. Recently I've been switching between the Garnier Even & Matte Soft Smoothing Toner and Garnier Oil Control Complete Deep Cleansing Lotion depending on how my skin feels.

If I feel that I need a deeper cleanse I opt for the Cleansing Lotion this is something I normally use in my evening skincare routine so 90% of the time I use the Soft Smoothing Toner in the morning. I love this toner, it's so smooth, so soothing and feels so fresh on my skin.Toners are obviously very important because they really are responsible for replenishing the skins pH balance and replenishing the hydration and moisture that was lost duringthe cleansing process. This is also a no-nonsense product and also very affordable.

Garnier Even & Matte Soft SMoothing Toner – Dischem, R36.95 / Garnier Oil Control Complete Deep Cleansing Lotion – Dischem, R19.95

t r e a t . . .

This step in my routine always changes. At the moment an eye cream and an eye roller is the only form of treatment in my morning skincare, if I'm breaking out, this would be the part where I'd add a spot treatment (tea tree oil and coconut oil is what I normally use for getting rid of spots fast). If I feel like my skin is looking extra dull, this would be the part where I'd use a brightening serum.

I use the Avon, Solutions perfect tone brightening eye cream and Avon, Solutions Vibes under eye roller (this roller is called 'vibes' because it vibrates when you roll it under your eye – HOW COOOOOOL?). These products are my holy grail being a student, they are so effective and leave such a glow – they erase all signs of fatigue from your face. I especially love the eye cream because it's so rich and creamy. It's so hydrating and it's thick enough that it doesn't migrate into the actual eye, you won't have to worry about product dripping. I love it!

Avon Solutions Perfect Tone Brightening Eye Cream. R59.99 Avon Solutions Vibes Under Eye Roller. R99.99

m o i s t u r i z e . . .

I have 3 main different moisturizers that I fluctuate between and I absolutely love every one of them.

If I'm going for a matte look, my Avon Mattifying oil control vanishing face cream is bomb! This cream is simple, moisturising and does all that it promises.

For hydration I love both the Avon Even Tone Rich cream with an SPF of 15 and theAvon, Solutions Light Moisturising Gel. If my skin is feeling dry I opt for the rich cream and if I need that moisture but don't want a matifying look, I opt for the gel.

Avon Care Even Tone Rich Cream – R54.00 / Avon Solutions Light Moisturising Gel – R59.99 / Avon Care Mattifying Oil control Vanishing Face Cream – R32.00

s p f . . .

THE FINAL & MOST IMPORTANT STEP IN MY ROUTINE IS TO USE AN SPF. This step is so important for me because my major skin concerns are pigmentation and dark spots, the sun literally cooks these spots and makes them darker (take it from me, I'm a victim of this)

If these are your skin concerns as well and you're not using a SPF, you might as well not even do anything to your skin because it will all be pointless.

I use Avon, Sun Fresh Protection face cream with an SPF of 30. I especially love this cream because it protects against both UVA & UVB rays. Know that UVA rays are responsible for ageing and UVB rays are responsible for the burning of the skin so both are equally important when it comes to protecting your skin against the effects of these rays.

Avon Sun High Protection Face Cream SPF30 – R60.00


  • Drinking lots of water. I know you've heard this over and over But it honestly works. Cucumber and lemon infused water will also give you clearer, more radiant skin.
  • Using a separate towel to my normal body towel to dry my face after cleansing. I use a small face towel to pat dry my face after cleansing and change it every 2 days
  • Not using my fingers to apply moisturizers and serums. I use cotton buds instead on dipping my fingers into the product, just to reduce the bacteria going onto my skin. (I've also heard that some people use cotton pads)

That's it from me! Thank you all for reading, loves. I appreciate the support and wonderful comments.

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If you're interested in buying any Avon products, you can order them through me.Just contact me via e-mail, Instagram or any other form of social media.

sending you all love and light / xo


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