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My Scoliosis

My Scoliosis


Every time we think about beauty, we think of hair, skin, makeup, weight loss, weight gain. We often try to fix the exterior to a point where we think we look beautiful, well I mean, I can't speak for everyone, but this is what I do. Usually there are a few simple fixes to make yourself feel pretty for that day, be it straightening your hair or putting on foundation. Unfortunately, there aren't always easy fixes for some problem, especially medical problems.

When I was in high school, I used to hate my scoliosis, because my body appeared skew, I was skinny and I felt I looked like a monster. No one else could see the scoliosis that visibly, unless I exposed my back. I then got the operation and my posture completely changed for the better and I started to feel better about myself, but it took me years to be okay with my body. If it wasn't me hating the scoliosis for all the pain it caused me, it was me being upset about the way it dis-proportioned my body. My waist is shorter in proportion to my legs due to the curvature of my spine and it makes buying clothes really difficult at times as certain styles of tops make my waist appear even shorter. Other people don't notice, but I notice and it bugs me so much.

Only of recent did I start to accept myself the way I am and it is liberating. I started buying clothes I wanted to without worrying about what other people might think (obviously within reason). I also decided to start spreading awareness about scoliosis, which is why I decided to make the video above.

Beauty is so much more than what we put on our faces, it's so much more than the clothes we buy. It comes from deep inside and one can only truly start feeling beautiful if one learns to love the body that they are in; learn to love the scoliosis.

Scoliosis sucks. scoliosis is excruciatingly painful, but scoliosis does not define me as a person. You are not your scoliosis. This can apply to any medical condition. You can only love yourself and feel beautiful if you accept yourself.


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