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My Scandalous Love Affair with John Frieda: Part 1 - The Intro

My Scandalous Love Affair with John Frieda: Part 1 - The Intro

As I look back on the evolution of my hair, I can't help but cringe (75% of the time) and be totally wistful and wish I could reverse time (25% of the time)... So this is my story, a bit long, but please bear with me...

 So let me tell you a bit about my hair origins... My mother has the most perfect, sleek wash and go hair that could never curl, mince (Yes, i know you'll know what i mean lol) or ever had a bad hair day in her life. My dad on the other hand has thick, curly uncontrollable hair (he was an afro man in the 80's - need I say more) - He shaves it all off now. Men, life is so easy for them some times, sigh...

 So what do you get when you put those 2 types of hair together, Me of course haha. Ok, jokes aside.. I was the toddler with the thick sleek ringlets piled on top of her head (They literally called me Orphan Annie for crying out loud), A trait that has been passed down to my daughter, There is no mistaking who her mom is lol, see...



Fast forward to the future..

 Seeing how I was the only girl and the youngest of 2 kids, the maintenance and discipling of my hair fell solely to my mother. My mom being someone who had never needed to do anything to her hair (other than wash and let it air dry), was now faced with the battle of the taming. Yeah... I went from being that cute toddler with the Orphan Annie look, to being The kid who's hair was like the sun that never seem to set, you get the picture, not cute lol. My mom would wash, brush and then plait my hair, and voila, that was it. God bless my mom, although she never knew what to do with the mass of thick curly hair on my head, she tried her best, and I had to live with this through primary school years.

 As I became older, I vowed I would not go to high school with hair like that (The never setting sun), I just could not. So at the age of 13, my hair care was placed firmly in my own hands. I thought, okay, you have curly hair Nicole, so work with what you have. I swear that Revlon Flex conditioner was my new best friend. My routine then consisted of washing, lathering on the conditioner and then letting it air dry. My hair was literally on my hips so I had this long, gorgeous brunette locks hanging down my back, and I loved it!!

As time wore on I started wanting straight hair, something which I had never had in my life. I loved my moms beautiful hair and wanted mine to be just like hers (Obviously then I had no idea that this would never be possible), so here is a list of things I have done to my hair between the ages of 13 and my current almost 24 years :)

 I Started going to the salon for blowdry's and hot oil treatments (That was the in thing at the time)

I finally got the hang of blow drying my own hair (WITHOUT any heat protecting products yikes!) - I did this for some time, but found it way too time consuming and my hair started to look dry and split, so I would still do the curly look from time to time to avoid the 2 hour process.

At the age of 16 i got my first straight perm... I loved it. It was amazing. I finally had straight hair. I was hooked, I never wanted curly hair again. I discovered that when my hair was straight, It was sleek and shiny. It appeared (to someone that did not know me) That I actually had wash and go hair like my mom (Just the thicker version) your probably drooling on your keyboards by now out of bordem, so I'll sum up all the chemically induced stuff I've tried since the first perm to achieve straight hair:

Japanese hair straightener, Thermal reconditioning, Brazilian blow dry, Keratin straightening, I've colored my hair every color beneath the sun, I went from harsh black, to platinum blonde to multi tonal. My hair went from hanging on my hips, to being a bob that hung in my neck. I have used rollers, blow dryers, curling tongs and then the last resort was an assortment of Flat irons. As a result of this long tirade of abuse, My hair is severely heat damaged and chemically treated which means split ends galore. I try so hard to grow my hair, but have to keep snipping off the split ends.  I tend to stick with dark brunette now as split ends are my constant companion, and the dark hair seems to hide that fairly well. I have tried numerous products to some how reverse the damage or at least remedy it to some degree, but so far I haven't really found what I was looking for. (I have given up on any form of straightening process. I just color my hair now if I need a change)

 So Now that you know my entire hair saga, this is what I am left with after years of abusing my hair like its no ones business. I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and left it to air dry. Yeah, It's not pretty, and my hair is in quite a state... So now you will understand just how desperate I really was, for not only a treatment, but a shampoo and conditioner that would rescue my hair from this dire and sad state, and that I could perform in the comfort of my own home....

Dadadaduuummm.... The horror, I know lol



And yet another one to scare you...


 So It was one fateful Friday afternoon that after receiving my lovely parcel from the Gorgeous Beauty Bulletin Team, that I decided to start my ever so scandalous love affair with John Frieda...

Stay tuned for my second installment, My Scandalous Love Affair with John Frieda: Part 2 - The Courtship

Love, Life and Happiness,




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