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My personal Fragrance Collection

My personal Fragrance Collection

I love Fragrances!!! A girl can simply never have enough perfumes or what I call 'lovely scented liquids' in her beauty cupboard.


So, today I will be sharing with you what I currently have in my collection and how I managed to get my hands on these. Will also add a little on why I am simply in love with them.

Katy Perry Royal Revolution


First in my collection is the world famous Katy Perry Royal Revolution:. I was very fortunate enough to have won this from BB inthe Katy Perry pinboard competition.

Oh I think Katy has simply outdone herself here. If you think Killer Qqueen was a hit, this one will surely rock yur world. I love her work. This fragrance reminds me of happy, bouncy,feelings of floral and berries. I do not wear this everyday because I believe this fragrance is simply divine and outright special so. save it for days that you feeling a little bit bod, brave and mischevious!

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Gold


My absolute favourite, also from BB by the way is Elizabeth Aarden 5th Avenue gold. Its a very sophisticated, elegant and very formal fragrance that really lives up to expectations. This bottle is my most valuale treasure but, now I use it everyday because I cannot get enough of this really, really great smell that lasts the whole day, even at night!

I am really not sure how much this retaisl for; all I know is that I am simply smitten with anything Elizabeth Arden and 5th avenue gold is a true masterpiece aimed at the professional and sophisticated woman who makes a statement with her amazing fragrance.

(p.s. I am very loyal to Provocaitive woman too)

Avon Cherish Eau de Parfum

Another gift from BB inth Avon Cherish review club, on my birthday no less. Dubbed as the fragrance for the woman of 2015, I was simply impressed and pleasantly surprised. The bottle might be a bit small but, its sooo beautiful. Joyful florals and lingering musks infused with a tender blend of sensual jasmine sambae and creamy sandalwood.50ml and woulld make the perfect gift for anyone of your female friends. I am saving this one for a special occassion, more so in summer when I feel more inspired to dress according to the season.



Thank you Beauty Bulletin for allowing me to share in these incredible fragrances and giving me the opportunity to test and review them.


BB influencers, which of these would you love to have in your collection or do you prefer something else?



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