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My new face regimen

My new face regimen

So  I have pretty good skin, seldom get pimples, never suffered from acne, but some of my problems are, the oily T zone, and blemishes (I mean where in the world do they come from!) so this next 3 weeks I have put myself on a very lovely spa week treatment for my skin, this is a combination of my usual routine, plus special treatments said to clear up and brighten your skin. this is what I'm going to be doing. 


1. Remove my makeup at nigh, and was my face at night

I admit, I'm one of those who when the sand man has bull dozed me with a truck load of sand the last thing on my mind is how sandy the pillow case will be looking in the morning, i just hit bed! so one of the first resolutions is to remove makeup and was my face.

2. Wash face and Cleanse at night with Clearasil face wash and cleanser

as always (or most times) I will wash my face twice a day and cleanse it just once a day with the Clearasil cleanser


3. Apply Oil of Olay age defying milk, and wipe of with Body shop vitamin C spray twice a day. (usual regimen)


4. On Mondays, I will do the egg white + Lemon juice skin ''peel'' 

mix a bowl of egg white with a bit of lemon juice and apply to the skin (he he! the results iv gotten with this before!, i might as well start doing it to my whole body!)

5. on Wednesdays since it is winter and avocados are in season, why not treat myself to an avocado mask! I swear i cant stop touching my face once iv done one of these!

6. on Friday - Body shop Warming Mineral Mask 

this mask is the bomb! it is everything! yho when you put it on and its hot, then it tingles oh goorness! I absolutely love it. R150 at body shop.

7. and lastly on Sunday, to re-start the week i will just steam my face in a bowl/dish/bucket of hot water. 

My expected results, fresh blemish free glowy skin. let the fun begin!

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