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I've always been overweight, well since I can remember and it has always been an uphill battle, but only later in life I got diagnosed with PCOS (at the age of 19) - for those of you that don't know what it is, it's basically a hormonal imbalance that has weight and fertility problems as some of the symptoms.

At the age of 16 my mom gave me my very first makeup item for Christmas, it was a mascara in brown - I can't remember the brand, I just remember ripping off the wrapping paper really excitedly! From that moment on my life was changed, the very first little bit of real (and I say real because I had some Tinkerbell nail polishes that peeled off) makeup I applied was a mascara, I remembered I felt so fancy with it, and it gave me a huge confidence boost when I applied it.  Still till this day whenever I wear a mascara I feel confident and ready to face the world, even if it is only a mascara and nothing else, when I feel sad (who has never had mascara tears?) or when I am sick, mascara is always my pick me up, when I go somewhere I make the look dramatic, sophisticated, playful, no matter the occasion.

Because my eyes are the one thing about myself I love the most and I can't always grab attention with "sexy" clothes, I've mastered the art of mascara application, together with a simple eyeliner I can do magic, so it all starts with mascara no matter where I go or what I am going to do, and to tell the truth my mascara collection is a bit out of control....... I've even gotten asked if I'm sick when spotted without any!

Oh and I shouldn't forget that that very first mascara has led to many other makeup applications and of course it took to Beauty Bulletin, where I found my voice!

So my #LipstickEffect is most definitely my mascara obsession!

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