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My Little Luscious Secret...

My Little Luscious Secret...

Every girl dreams of having long, abundant, luscious lashes, there is something quite exotic, sultry and ever so sexy about the notion. However, if like me you weren't quite so blessed in that department, the next best thing is our trusty mascara! I am guilty of owning at least 17, ranging in brand, colour and 'promise'. I can't begin to think on how many times I've purchased one on a wing and a prayer that my little lashes would transform into full, telescopic masterpieces befit most glossy magazine covers.  Don't get me wrong there are some phenomenal mascara's out there, and I believe it is imperative to invest in a good standard and waterproof option. Then there's the dreaded false eyelash, which can be spotted close to a mile off, even when in a night club and are notoriously fidgety, more oft then not messy, and if you don't have a very steady hand or managed to sucker your bestie into helping you, can prove almost impossible to place.

As I have less co-ordination than a sea sponge, an alternate option was the order of the day. I had heard of girls having eyelash extensions done, but to be honest I wasn't expecting miracles. Feverishly I googled the subject as I do with every product I am considering and learned the following:

  • Each lash is attached individually to your own real eyelash with a special bonding agent.
  • Extensions last up to 2 months depending on your natural eyelash life cycle and various other factors such as products used in conjunction and general care.
  • You can ditch the awkward eyelash curler as they have a natural curve.
  • Lashes come in a variety of lengths, colours and thickness.
  • They look more natural than any false eyelash product I've seen on the market.
  • It takes between an hour and a half to 2 hours for a full application.
  • They are waterproof, swim until your heart’s content.
  • The entire application process is pain free, I'd even go so far to say relaxing, judging on the amount of times I've nodded off.
  • Extensions should only be applied by a professional accredited beautician.
  • Prices range between R300 to R500 depending on salon and/or product used.
  • Ensure the salon you have chosen uses a quality product, I personally suggest the brand Luscious Lashes (web link below).

It’s been a whole year since I turned to the luscious  way of life and I can triumphantly say it’s been a year full of compliments, double takes and the best part mascara free!  My boyfriend who has never been shy to advise me on whether something is a hit or miss, absolutely adores them. I will admit, they are a costly option, which some may only reserve for a special occasion such as weddings and Matric dances etc., but oh so very worth it!

For Durban girls I highly recommend Courtney Shaw Skin Care And Body Therapy (link below), for everyone else there is a list of credited beauticians and salons on the Luscious Lashes Website.


This is the end result from my last visit, the photograph really does not do the lashes justice, however there are plenty before and after shots on the Luscious Lashes site.

Day 15 resolution progress
Seeing is believing!

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