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My Hair Journey

My Hair Journey

I have been through so many hairstyles and hair colours through the years that I have lost count. I have been a blonde, red head, brunette and for a while my hair was even black, but finally I get to have the hair that I have been dreaming of for ages. This post is a bit about my hair history and to show off my gorgeous new hair colour.

A little bit about my hair

My official hair journey started in 2006 when I first coloured my hair from a light brown to a dark chocolate brown. From there on my hair has been on a roller coaster of different styles and colours and I have spent years trying to fix some hair colour mishaps and find the perfect style and colour for me.

I spent my high school days as a blonde/brunette and the first chance I got when I left school I coloured it a light red colour. Throughout college I switched hair colour every few months and at some point my hair was so dry and damaged that I decided to cut it into a short bob. But soon after cutting it I realized I missed my long hair and started growing it again.

After getting tired of the red hair I somehow thought it was a good idea to colour my hair black. I really loved the black hair, but it got so boring and I wanted something new, something lighter and a bit more towards my natural colour. If I look back now, I deeply regret colouring my hair black, it has been such a struggle to get to the point where I can even attempt to fix it.

The problem with colouring your hair constantly is that it takes a huge toll on it. I started colouring my hair in 2006 and coloured it for the last time in 2013. I got really tired of my long and damaged hair and made the decision once again to chop off my luscious locks in exchange for a longer bob this time. And now after 15 long months I got my hair coloured exactly as I wanted it and I am so happy!


I decided to go from the million colours that my hair was to a blonde ombre look. The lovely Courtney from {Esteem Hair} once again did an absolute amazing job with my hair and I am so happy! I am in love with my new hair and this is a style I will keep for a while!b2ap3_thumbnail_My-Hair-Journey-before.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_My-Hair-Journey-after.jpg

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