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Day 1 - My hair experience with the Dove Colour Radiance range

Day 1 - My hair experience with the Dove Colour Radiance range

Firstly, a big thank you to Beauty Bulletin for sending me the full range of Dove Colour Radiance products. 

This is the very first time that I'm blogging, so please bear with me ladies :)

Let me get started.....


Yesterday (17th November 2013) was my first time using the Dove Colour Radiance range of products. I must say though, I've heard so much about Dove hair products in general but never tried it prior to now. To me it was just 'another' shampoo or conditioner and it didn't really get my attention...but they might have stolen my heart (and hair) this time round...

So, currently my hair is coloured red. This was done about 2 months ago, so right now the colour isn't as vibrant and radiant as I would like it to be. I know that with this review the test is to basically see if this range of Dove hair products can keep one's hair colour looking shiny and oh-so-vibrant for longer than usual.

As I said before, I used these products namely: Dove Colour Radiance shampoo*, Dove Colour Radiance Daily Treatment conditioner*, Dove Deep Repair Treatment Mask*, and the Dove Leave-in-conditioning and care spray*. I decided to exclude the regular conditioner for the first wash.

After shampooing my hair felt quite brittle, as if it was in dire need of some sort of moisturising treatment. I must say though, the scent is heavenly :)

I then used the Daily Treatment Conditioner and immediately felt it going to work. My hair felt soft and manageable. After I rinsed it off I applied the Deep Repair Treatment Mask, and this for me was the 'icing on the cake'.

After rinsing this I towel dried my hair. My hair felt lovely, soft and looked really shiny. Initially, this was all I thought I needed to use, but just before blowing and styling my hair I decided to use some of the Leave-in-conditioning and care spray. Now, this for me was really the cherry on top :) This product seems to act as a protective layer against harsh heat and eliminates the static look after drying the hair.

The end results were really awesome! My hair feels super silky and soft, and the colour is still red-ish. However, the colour itself doesn't seem to be more prominent than before.


Since my hair was coloured about 2 months ago, I think it's in need of another colour boost then I'll be able to see from there if the Dove Colour Radiance range keeps to its claims.

Bye for now ladies, I'll be checking back in tomorrow :)




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