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My First “Press on Nails” Experience

Hi BB's

I purchased my first Broadway impress PRESS-ON MANICURE a few months back at Clicks (for about R119) as I never tried these press-on nails before and wanted to give it a go. I remember using those Barbie press-on nails as a little girl and using prestik as my glue (but those press-on nails don't count, right?). I actually waited quite a while to try them out because honestly I was scared and thought they would just slip off after the first wash of my hands. This past weekend, I attended the Hair & Beauty Show and had to look Glam and my nails weren't done, no manicure, nothing! So the impress PRESS-ON MANICURE became my go-to hero!

The impress PRESS-ON MANICURE set comes in different sizes and finishes, I purchased the Medium Length PRESS-ON nails Ultra Gel Shine finish in the colour "Rated R" which is a deep wine red. The PRESS-ON MANICURE set contains; instructions, an adorable mini nail file, prep swab and 24 nails.

I was in such a rush on Sunday to attend the show, but did a pretty good application. I firstly used the prep swab to remove any oil residue on my clean unpainted nails. I then matched each of my 10 nails sizes to the impress PRESS-ON MANICURE nails in the set and found an accurate match except for my ring fingers which still showed a teeny tiny piece of my nails on each end. This was fine because no one could see this at first glance.

After I matched my nails sizes, I started peeling off the plastic sheet that kept the adhesive from drying out under the PRESS-ON and applied the PRESS-ON to my nails. The instructions tell you to secure the PRESS-ON to your nail by pressing on the PREE-ON in a horizontal and then vertical direction. I started with my pinkie fingers and left my thumbs for last (as instructed). Then simply file the edges and for the next half an hour after application keep pressing on your nails to "ensure extended wear" of your PRESS-ONS. The application took me 20mins flat and no drying time!

The instructions do say you can file and cut the PRESS-ON nails a while after application (but like I said, I was in a rush) hehe. So next time I think I'll go for the short length, because after a while those long nails Kim K nails are too much of high maintenance for me.

The wear on the PRESS-ON was incredible, no chips, no dents, gloss/gel like finish, just beautifully shaped nails. I also got so many compliments on my nail colour, did people actually think this was my natural nails? WOW! I used it for one whole day and then…. had to remove it because it started to irritate me. Now here is were the struggle starts, to remove these press-ons are so difficult and not the easiest to remove. You have to soak your nails in nail polish remover and slowly peel them off your nails. This process was so frustrating (for me) I got the PRESS-ON nails off with nails polish but then the actual sticky adhesive stuck onto my nail. I hope you ladies have an easier way of removing them without damaging your nail surface. HELP!

But If you can get the removal process sorted, I would give it a 4 out of 5 and definitely recommend it to you beauty lovers….

Till next time beauty lovers…

Prenisha x

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