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My Eyes Say More Than The Best Writer Can Write

My Eyes Say More Than The Best Writer Can Write

Sometimes I close them, just to keep my story to myself - just because they tell it all, all the time!

They have seen it yet never comprehended it all.

And through it all, I judge them to have been faithful in allowing me to live a life of sight.

They shed tears when I am happy and when I beaten by the weather.

They allow the world to see my world through a simple look into both of them - my heart, joy and peace reflect through them and they become as big as the round shining sun. My pain, loss and distress they also give away when they shrink and turn colour.

They make me grateful for life and all I have been blessed with because through them, I can have learned to see the best and worst of life. 

I can make the up with all sorts of colour, magnify them with all stencils, and change their identity with craft of makeup. Its all fun and I love the beauty that they reflect back. Yet I cannot change that they say so much that words cannot say on behalf, even behind all the makeup.

My eyes right the best stories that no writer can ever capture in words.





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