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My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 7

My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 7


Good afternoon, Ladies! Hope you are having an awesome Friday!

So, yesterday I suggested that the Dove Colour Radiance Daily Conditioner does not impress me that much, but that I would leave the final judment for today.

Here are the reasons why:

* My hair appeared to be a bit limp after applying the conditioner & I was concerned that I would lose some volume

* I blow dried my hair (just for a few minutes) to test if the Daily Conditioner would live up to its moisturising promise (My ends felt a bit dryer than usual, afterwards)

* I felt that the Daily Conditioner did not cover the hair as easily as the normal conditioner, therefor less cost-effective

Well, that was yesterday & here are my thoughts today:

* I was amazed to discover that my hair had plenty volume and my curls boing (see pics)

* My hair smells great & feels silky soft (the dryness at the ends are gone)

* Today my overall hair condition feels revived & revamped.

* Yesterday, I was concerned when I saw some of the colour pigmentation washing away. Today it seems like there is a new vibrancy & dimension to my colour. (See pics & you can judge yourself!)


VERDICT: Give the Colour Radiance Daily Conditioner time to do its magic overnight & VOILA!!!!

Dove Colour Radiance is my new favourite hair care range, without any doubt! Over the weekend I will try the Deep Replenishing Mask.

Thank you for reading, Ladies! Hope you have one rocking weekend! ;-)



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