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My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 2

My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 2


Good morning, Ladies! Here we are at Day 2.

To start with, here is some background on my hair "situation".

My hair :

* has been hi-lighted and coloured since I left school (which is a long time ago ;-).

* is of medium thickness, but there are lots of it! (see pics - resembling an explosion in a matrass factory today ;-)). 

* is dry with some colour damage (I try to avoid heat styling as far as possible!).

* is wavy & tends to frizz when humidity is high (I try not to scare the neighbourhood kids :-). 

* tangles easily (Medusa meets Jerseylicious hair teasing disaster!) 

* is red at the moment (which colour pigments and intensity are the most difficult to maintain!)

* has been re-coloured only a week ago.

* is used to Pantene Pro-V products, as I searched high and low for something that can tame my mane & especially get the tangles out! 

So today I washed my hair for the first time with Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner. Here are my thoughts:

1) The Shampoo lathers & foams a lot! LOVE IT! You only have to use a little at a time and it covers my mane easily! Yay!

2) Love the feel of my hair while washing. Maybe my imagination, but my hair felt instantly cleaner.

3) To all shampoo companies: PLEASE look at the font size on your labels! Once again I nearly got the Shampoo & Conditioner mixed up. I am a contact lens wearer & the moment something gets in my eyes, I can't read the labels properly. If only companies can enlarge SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER & not use a white font on pink, all would be well in my world!

4) After rinsing shampoo (which was quicker than I thought with all that lather), my hair really did feel clean.

5) Conditioner - mmm smells great & feels great. Once again a little goes a long way!

6) Try to untangle my hair with my fingers while conditioner is still in my hair and VOILA...easier than ever & so much easier than with Pantene (which I thought was the definite winner in this department). YAY, YIPPEE & SING HALLELUJA!!!!!! 

7) Conditioner rinsed out easily & I could brush my hair out easier than ever! DO A HAPPY DANCE!

FINAL VERDICT: Look at my wet hair in the pics underneath. Looks so much healthier already! Houston, we don't have a problem, we have a solution! YAY for DOVE COLOUR RADIANCE!

b2ap3_thumbnail_005.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_002.jpg


Thanks for reading, Ladies! Have an awesome day & please come back for the next episode!


My Dove Colour Radiance Experience - Day 2
The Dove Colour Radiance Experience - Day 1

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