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My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 12

My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 12

Good evening, Ladies! Hope you are all doing great!

For those of you who have missed my blog entry yesterday, here is a quick recap on my impressions of the Dove Colour Radiance Deep Repair Mask.


For all my impressions on the container & the product itself see my Blog entry titled: My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 10.

My impressions

1) My hair is extremely soft, but not limp.

2) I usually battle with limp hair after a treatment with other brands, but today my hair is full of volume & bounce. My hair seems even more wavy than usual (see pics).

3) We are having a high humidity, rainy, typical Durban steamy day. Where my hair usually resembles someone who stuck their finger in a electrical wall socket, today it is manageable without any added frizziness. YIIIPPPPPEEEEE!!!!!

4) My intense colour is still holding fine!


It really seems that the Dove Colour Radiance range are ticking all the boxes where addressing & sorting out each & every one of my hair problems are concerned.

Today I really thought about how important a woman's hair is to her....then I thought about the women who lost their hair due to chemotherapy, battling cancer. What would they not give to have normal healthy hair...something we take for granted and complain about most of the time.

That also made me think how important regular check-ups are to prevent cancer or detect early development. Most of us are guilty in ignoring our yearly check-ups (me included). I include an CANSA's website that I hope you will find helpful.


 Well with that sobering thought, I bid you a good evening, Ladies! Be careful, healthy & safe! X

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