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My current skin care system

My current skin care system

It's hard to find the right skin care system out there especially with the vast number of beauty brands and products available on the market. I had the pleasure of trying the Clinique 3 step skin care system. Now this review is based on my skin type. I have dry to combination skin and sensitive on top of everything else. It was hard for my to find the perfect system. So I would normal pick a facial wash from one brand, toner from another and a moisturizer from elsewhere. This all because of the problems with my skin, so I would wear make-up on a daily basis just to cover up my skin problems and not really solve the actual problem.

 Now that all stopped when I tried this skin care system. Let's start with step 1- the Extra Mild Facial Wash. If you've ever put olive oil on your face or even a step further, butter – then that's what this facial wash feels like. It totally cleans your face and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight and dried out. Your skin literally feels like silk after washing. All you do is wash your face with tepid water and then a 2-3 pumps of the soap and you're all clean.Step 2 is the Mild Clarifying Lotion, this clarifying lotion removes all the excess dirt from your skin and again it feels like water and oil.

It doesn't strip your skin of its essential oils and you instantly see the glow on your face. All it requires is for you to dampen the cotton wool with the clarifying lotion and simply swipe it over your face. Step 3 is the dramatically different mositurizing lotion. Just pump some and moisturize your face, we all need to moisturize daily.Now I follow this regime twice a day and can I honestly say that I don't need to cover up with makeup on a daily basis. I now have the confidence to walk around with no makeup (I call it a makeup sabbatical). Ladies go to your nearest Clinique counter and get a skin analysis done so they can determine your skin type and give you the right products for your specific skin needs.

Enjoy your healthy looking self.

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