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My best body tip

My best body tip


No matter what your age or skin type. If you want silky smooth and soft skin, you have to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells. If you don’t, your body lotion/cream/butter/oil can’t do its job properly. You have to remove the dead cells for your product to penetrate and for the active ingredients to truly work their magic.

My favourite way do this, is by dry body brushing. Here is the link to my BB article if you would like to have a look

There are so many options when it comes to exfoliating!

You can use a store bought body scrub or you can make your own. I love a combo of sugar and olive oil.

You can gentle exfoliate every day by using a sponge every time you wash. Or you can do a proper scrub down using a loofah.

I would recommend a top to toe exfoliation twice a week.

Exfoliation isn’t just beneficial for your skin’s appearance; it also improves circulation which will improve the health of your skin from the inside.

That’s my best body tip in a nutshell. Do remember to moisturise after you exfoliate!


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