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My best beauty buys

My best beauty buys

I don’t use a plethora of body products. I stick to a small group of products which works well for me, which is why my best body buys is a short list.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream – This must be the best exfoliator I have ever used. Although it’s for your face, I also use it on my hands as well. It leaves my skin smooth without being too rough and drying it out.

Bio – Oil – This oil works like a dream on my acne scars and stretch marks (eek!). One bottle lasts me forever. I try to use too much as it sometimes causes me to break out.

Vaseline Total Moisture Conditioning Body Cream – This is one of my favourite body creams. It’s thick and creamy without being oily. It also rubs into my skin really quickly. It’s also super affordable.

Skin Logic Skin Laboratory Foot Peel – This foot peel is completely natural and helps remove dead skin cells within two weeks. It’s an unsightly process but it is not abrasive on your feet. It’s also very affordable.

These four products are some of the best buys I have made, and intend on re-purchasing them all.

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