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My 5 October must haves

​Aah October... A month filled with warmth and bright, blooming flowers. Tying in nicely with October Breast Cancer month, all of my 5 beauty necessities are in pretty pink packaging! My secret to looking beautiful starts with taking excellent care of my skin, which is why most of my products I mention are for skincare.

 Firstly, I cleanse every morning with Nivea Daily Essentials- Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash. The creamy formula moisturises my skin leaving it with a gorgeous glow and it's perfect for my ultra sensitive skin. 

Secondly, I wash my hair and then condition it with Loreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Light Conditioner. This conditioner has a sweet scent and leaves my hair with a superb glossy finish. I usually leave the conditioner on my hair for 2 minutes before rinsing it off, so that the conditioner gets a chance to absorb into the hair. 

Next step: I moisture my face with Clarins Bright Plus Day Cream. This cream does so many things; it mosturises, brightens my face, and gives it an even tone.I usually find that products for even toned skin tend to dry out my skin, so I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it made my skin. A special shout-out to RubyBox for sending samples of the Clarins Range to try out! :) 

Our bodies need moisturising too right? I use Oh So Heavenly Pretty in Pink lotion. It was a limited edition lotion made last year for October's Breast Cancer Month. The combination of moisturisers, vitamins and antioxidants, along with a lovely floral scent will make you feel like you are in some fancy spa! This lotion is also special to me because it was given to me by a friend who recently past away. Every time I use it, I have fond memories of her. it lasted me almost year, and it's almost finished now, which makes me feel sad because it probably wont be made again. 

Last, but not least, I end off my look with Rimmel's Oh My Gloss in Ooh la la. This gives my lips a bright pink colour with a shiny finish. it does so without drying my lips. The perfect gloss for the perfect pout! 

I'd like to end off by dedicating this post to my friend whom I mentioned earlier. She had a heart disease all her life, and recently past away. She was a blessing to so many people and always made others smile, despite the pain she was constantly going through. As we celebrate Breast Cancer Month, lets take a moment to applaud all the brave women who are battling illnesses like cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Here's to being strong, beautiful and generous women! Happy October Month to all :)

My five October must haves
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